Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Mixture of Reality & Virtual Entertainment

When one surfs the Internet, one inevitably often comes across undesirable sites, many of which contain pornographic contents.

If he or she is open-minded enough to take a look at them, the alarming thing is not so much of what are performed and shown, but who are the ones involving and participating in them. The 'actors', or 'actresses' to be more specific, are more often than not only of young, teenage years of 18 or 19.

Due to the local laws of the sites being established at, and the international laws set against child porno, many sites declared theirs as 'child prostitution/ abuse free'. Thus their main selling point would have to be those young actresses, whose minimal age of engaging and performing the sexual acts is fixed at 18.

Someone commented that if the 90's is the age of the porn, then the 21st Century is the age of the sexless, where the mixture and fusion of the porn and the general masses have blurred the lines and confused the boundaries altogether.

Indeed, if one is to take a look at the actresses, one would be amazed, if not terrified, by how innocent, plain and simple, or even common-looking, they could be. No longer are the porn actresses, or what some refer as 'porn stars', seem to be what they used to be - heavy make-up pounded onto their faces, disproportional sizes of their anatomical parts, outrageous and out-of-the-sky story lines, and certainly highly exaggerated sexual acts which few humans could engage in. The porn actresses of our modern day speak of and rely on one main factor - fresh, young girls found on the streets, their names unseen and unheard of. Before the porn stars of the yesteryears could retreat from the centrestage with little dignity, this current trend had swept in and flooded the main stream of the world of porn with declarations of the finest, youngest and the sweetest 'Lolita' presented, coupled with their daredevil, daring sexual stunts that would even pale and shame the porn actresses of the past.

Ariel Levy, a female author, recently published a book titled 'Female Chauvinist Pigs - Women & The Rise of Raunch Culture'. In it, she explored the phenomena of how our modern day has evolved from the age of 'male chauvinism' to this current 'female' one. While the female gender, commonly referred to as the 'weaker sex', was used to be subjected to unfair, high-handed and partial treatments from their male counterparts, possibly in all fields of society, the rise of "females' rights" led to and shaped the females' liberation movement of the present day. This in turn influenced the current young female generation, whom are born in and exposed to the era of Internet, to integrate the widely popular 'pop cultures' into their lives, marked significantly by the beliefs and definitions they adopted for issues like 'virginity', 'sex' and 'shame'.

Therefore, just a decade ago, 'virginity' which was highly regarded as sacred is no longer treasured; 'sex', a huge taboo not to be discussed or seen openly is no longer considered as such; and when only the porn stars or street walkers were once dressed provocatively to seduce and titillate for the sake of livelihood, the ladies of our present day dressed even more daringly to just make a point that 'shame' isn't in their vocab dictionary.

As Ariel pointed out, while the porn stars of yesterday led a life only known to themselves and not the public, personalities like 'Jenna Jameson', the 'queen of porn', walked straight into the general masses and created a sensation in the mainstream media. Seizing the attention of the curious onlookers as much as the media reporters, personalities like Jenna are now regarded as 'celebrities', donning the front covers of men's magazines, appearing on the red-carpet of events like VH-1 award ceremony, or even writing a book which sells on Amazon. Something unheard of and unseen in all of porn's history. The age of Porn has certainly arrived at our doorsteps much earlier than we can even imagine.

It is on this platform that innocence is lost, virtues are rewritten and boundaries forgotten. For all one knows, the girl living at one's very next door may, with due respect, be the next porn queen of our modern era.

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